Keynote in February

It’s such an honour and delight to be invited to be the keynote speaker at the 2018 North Star Tarot Conference. I would be thrilled to see many,many people from all over the map at that gathering.  More information on the conference is at the Twin Cities Tarot Collective website (TCTarotCollective.com) or email Michael at michael@fostertarot.com


See you there in February!

~ James



Today, the much-mentioned total solar eclipse will take place.  In order to gain a balanced perspective on it, I consulted one of astrologer Demetra George’s books, Finding Our Way through the Dark, to apply to today’s heavenly event.  On page 113, she writes:

“Dane Rudhyar said that at the New Moon solar eclipse, the present is blotted out by the past…This statement suggests that at a solar eclipse, the Sun — which represents our consciousness awareness — when obscured, allows the forces of the past which lie buried in the unconscious as psychic complexes, to be seen, confronted, and experienced with the possibility of integrating these previously unconscious energies into the present awareness.”

To honour these words and this day, I did a three-card reading with the Tarot of the Crone.

  1. What do we temporarily need to set aside or blot out at this time in order to notice what is vital for us to notice?  4 of Swords.  We need to temporarily set aside reason, the rational mind, logic that lacks any human touch.
  2. If we do this, what buried forces of the past will come forth from the unconscious?  Beast of Disks.  Primal forces of creativity and destruction, sacrifice and fertility, life and death, and the raw awareness that one life form needs to feed off another.
  3. What are healthy ways for us to integrate these energies?  Grandmother of Wands.  Hold council with these forces, hold council with one another, listen to stories about how these energies have played out in the past and how they are playing out in the present, and practise with one another the culture and world we most want to bring into being.

Beast of Disks (Pig) from Tarot of the Crone

Given what’s on our minds, in our hearts, and on the news of late, I asked the Oracle of Initiation, “What first step can humans take to heal the divisive ‘us vs. them’ mentality that we carry?” and got #45, IDENTIFY. So, first steps could include any/all of these:

  • Identify something of ourselves in the perceived “other”.
  • Identify something of the perceived “other” in ourselves.
  • Open space for each of us to courageously claim our own voices.
  • Clearly identify, balance, and discern the messages we absorbed from those who went before us.
  • Listen to each other’s stories and weave the common threads of these stories together. 
  • Employ wit, song, poetry, and social commentary to critique long-accepted social mores and patterns.
  • Perceive pockets of harmony and build on them.


On the 9th of June, I turned 50.  The day itself was restful and the day after was filled with lovely friends and relatives visiting over nibbles and drinks during an afternoon drop-in party.  To mark this milestone birthday, I did a reading with Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s wonderful Tarot of the Crone.


  1. What from the pre-fifty years is appropriate for me to leave in the pre-fifty years?  Beast of Cups.  Leaping into relationships without assessing them first.  Jumping headlong into group experiences that I end up leaving.  Being emotionally thin-skinned.  Being emotionally, relationally, and spiritually changeable or fickle.
  2. What from the pre-fifty years is appropriate for me to take with me into the fifty-and-beyond years?  Grandmother of Wands.  The practice of council/circle.  My capacity to be a hub for sacred storytellers and cultural creatives.  The blend of ancient tradition and current innovation.  Uniting people for a common purpose.  The desire to be the Most James-ness Possible.
  3. Of what do I need to be careful or wary in the fifty-and-beyond years?  6 of Cups.  Being a boringly predictable friend or lover.  Maintaining the same old social circle to the extent that new people could be excluded.  My practices becoming stale, empty rituals.  Too much internal reflection without enough action “out there”.
  4. To what joys can I look forward in the fifty-and-beyond years?  Shadow of Cups,  Letting go of emotional, relational, and spiritual patterns that no longer serve my well-being.  Helpful and effective sharing of feelings and intuitions.  Dissolution of any sense of “us vs. them”.  At-One-ment with the Great Muse.  Merging peacefully with the Eternal.
  5. What are the best ways for me to celebrate this milestone birthday?  Five of Wands.  Be centre stage.  Make some sort of change to my appearance.  Interrupt any tendency toward isolation.  Declare my individuality and my desire for recognition.  Do, say, or be something dramatic.



June is my birth month. This June I will turn 50. To celebrate, I’m taking 50% off my services for the month of June, 2017 ONLY. Therefore…

* A one-hour tarot consultation with me in June is only $80 (regularly $160).
* A 90-minute tarot consultation with me in June is only $115 (regularly $230).
* A four-session “A Reason for Being” tarot series with me in June is only $250 (regularly $500).
* A single reiki treatment in June is only $35 (regularly $70).

You can book your June, 2017 session(s) with me and send PayPal pre-payment to circleways.james@gmail.com

I look forward to celebrating 50 years on Earth by working with you this month and beyond!


P.S. Remember, I work by Skype and by phone as well as in person, so you can be anywhere in the world.


Yesterday, I was interviewed about my work on Empire Radio by Christopher Celery.  The conversation is brief, and I hope you enjoy it.  Here’s the link to it:  https://empireradionow.com/james-wells-4-12-17-psychic/

~ James

Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem, To the Oracle at Delphi (you can find it online) is a wake-up call in these times.  I’ve used it as the focus of discussion in a conversation circle, as a prompt for journal writing, and as an inspiration for tarot spreads I created for my recent two-part teleseminar, Peacemaking through Tarot.  The end of Ferlinghetti’s piece is a plea:

“…and give us new dreams to dream, Give us new myths to live by!”

One of the spreads I designed is based on this final line.  It’s a four-card map called the New Myths Layout.  Mix your deck and pick four cards at random while contemplating the following questions:

  1. What old myth(s) is no longer healthy for humanity to live by?
  2. How can I help lay that old myth(s) to rest?
  3. What new myth(s) is healthy for humanity to live by?
  4. How can I help bring this new myth(s) into being?

Arrange the four cards like an ascending stairway with the first card on the bottom left and the fourth card on the top right.  I did a reading with this layout using the Celtic Wisdom Tarot by Caitlín Matthews and Olivia Rayner.

  1. What old myth(s) is no longer healthy for humanity to live by?  XV, The Challenger (Devil).  The myth of sin, evil, obedience, and bondage rooted in fear and projection that creates illusion and death.
  2. How can I help lay that old myth(s) to rest?  The Combat of Art (5 of Cups).  I can express disappointment in the old myth, disengage from groups that aren’t going to leave the old myth, salvage what I can that’s valuable, and interrupt regretful, shaky emotional patterns.
  3. What new myth(s) is healthy for humanity to live by?  The Imaginer (Moon).  The myth of unbounded imagination, mutual feedback, honouring reliable cycles, and mirroring something greater that encourages a culture of soul-deep dreaming, visioning, naturally flowing with the Tao-like currents.
  4. How can I help bring this new myth(s) into being?  King of Knowledge (King of Coins).  I can be a welcoming hearth who provides access to a rich cache of knowledge and tangible resources; I can share practical knowledge, share meals, and activate my own profound potential in the real world; I can find the essential wisdom in any real-life situation; I can pass on this way of working with the tarot to others.



What is YOUR take on these cards?  Which cards did YOU get for this spread?  What do they suggest to you about creating a new, life-affirming myth in our world?