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A 50th Birthday Reading

On the 9th of June, I turned 50.  The day itself was restful and the day after was filled with lovely friends and relatives visiting over nibbles and drinks during an afternoon drop-in party.  To mark this milestone birthday, I did a reading with Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s wonderful Tarot of the Crone.


  1. What from the pre-fifty years is appropriate for me to leave in the pre-fifty years?  Beast of Cups.  Leaping into relationships without assessing them first.  Jumping headlong into group experiences that I end up leaving.  Being emotionally thin-skinned.  Being emotionally, relationally, and spiritually changeable or fickle.
  2. What from the pre-fifty years is appropriate for me to take with me into the fifty-and-beyond years?  Grandmother of Wands.  The practice of council/circle.  My capacity to be a hub for sacred storytellers and cultural creatives.  The blend of ancient tradition and current innovation.  Uniting people for a common purpose.  The desire to be the Most James-ness Possible.
  3. Of what do I need to be careful or wary in the fifty-and-beyond years?  6 of Cups.  Being a boringly predictable friend or lover.  Maintaining the same old social circle to the extent that new people could be excluded.  My practices becoming stale, empty rituals.  Too much internal reflection without enough action “out there”.
  4. To what joys can I look forward in the fifty-and-beyond years?  Shadow of Cups,  Letting go of emotional, relational, and spiritual patterns that no longer serve my well-being.  Helpful and effective sharing of feelings and intuitions.  Dissolution of any sense of “us vs. them”.  At-One-ment with the Great Muse.  Merging peacefully with the Eternal.
  5. What are the best ways for me to celebrate this milestone birthday?  Five of Wands.  Be centre stage.  Make some sort of change to my appearance.  Interrupt any tendency toward isolation.  Declare my individuality and my desire for recognition.  Do, say, or be something dramatic.


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My Birthday, You Get the Gift!


June is my birth month. This June I will turn 50. To celebrate, I’m taking 50% off my services for the month of June, 2017 ONLY. Therefore…

* A one-hour tarot consultation with me in June is only $80 (regularly $160).
* A 90-minute tarot consultation with me in June is only $115 (regularly $230).
* A four-session “A Reason for Being” tarot series with me in June is only $250 (regularly $500).
* A single reiki treatment in June is only $35 (regularly $70).

You can book your June, 2017 session(s) with me and send PayPal pre-payment to circleways.james@gmail.com

I look forward to celebrating 50 years on Earth by working with you this month and beyond!


P.S. Remember, I work by Skype and by phone as well as in person, so you can be anywhere in the world.


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