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Are YOU my ideal client?

During a recent conversation among people who offer various forms of guidance and support for wellness, the topic of ideal clients came up.  I was asked, “James, who is your ideal client?  What is she or he like?”  Here is a summary of what came through me during that conversation:

As my ideal client, you remember that at your core you are creative, resourceful, and whole. A self-aware person, you are NOT interested in predictive entertainment, but you ARE interested in bringing your questions, goals, transitions, and experiences to the tarot encounter to discover and validate your resources, recognise choices, and align those choices (or not) with your specific skills and dreams. Your curiosity, compassion, attentive listening, and intentional communication co-create an interactive tarot consultation that is satisfying for both of us. An ability to be “in the now” empowers you to remain open to possibilities and assess your options. Thus empowered, you make conscious choices to reframe your past, harvest your present, and sculpt your future. As my ideal client, you have a wholistic mindset that honours intuition and intellect, gravitas and humour, symbol and fact. Your respect for diverse ages, genders, creeds, nationalities, and sexual orientations is admirable. Comprehension of the connection between the personal and the collective prompts you to dedicate the insights you receive during your tarot sessions to your Self-actualisation and to the manifestation of projects that enrich your community and our world.

If one of, some of, or all of these descriptions feel like you, let’s work together.  I’d be honoured to do so!


Image:  Trump XXI, the Universe, from the Tabula Mundi Tarot by M. M. Meleen.

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