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Tarot Counselling Course: Eight Weeks of Soul-Relating

I’m excited that on October 3, my eight-week Tarot Counselling for Self and Others course will begin!  I love to offer this class and watch people shift from reading cards to becoming companions of the soul.  What will we do for eight weeks?  Read on.


Each of us will assess where we are on the tarot journey and define “tarot counselling” for ourselves and with each other, really digging in to what it means to be more than a card reader, getting to the root of why we want to employ the tarot in a deeper way.  We’ll also cover how to really be present with what’s going on in ourselves, with the other person (if we’re working with someone else), with the symbols on the cards, and with what’s happening in the moment that can help deeper, larger learning to emerge.

In the tarot counselling encounter, there are very conscious ways to communicate, to make statements and ask questions that invite awareness.  It’s all about creating relationship with our Source of Wisdom, so we want to speak in ways that honour and build that relatedness.  One of my favourite things to do with the tarot is to invent and explore a variety of spreads or layouts that can enhance the communication I mentioned.  Course participants will get access to some of my most powerful insight-evoking spreads and will discover layouts that will best serve their own soulcentric tarot work.

Focused, responsible tarot consultants knows how their sessions begin, unfold, and end; they set up a structure or container for the experience that will maximise beneficial conditions for the intensification of consciousness.  I will provide a template to employ and encourage participants to become aware of their own structural procedure in order to refine it.  The most boring tarot sessions are just info-blather, and that’s NOT what this course is about.  As visionary activist astrologer Caroline Casey says, “Prophecy…implies collaboration with the divine in order to co-create the most interesting, ingenious, and loving world possible.”  In other words, what do we DO with what we learn in the tarot encounter in order to evolve personally and collectively?

Taking what we learn to our coursemates and the people we know and love in real life will help us to sharpen our tarot counselling skills through hands-on experience.  Then we can share our real-life experiences with one another, receive feedback, and get even better at creating tarot experiences that matter.  Class participants will receive the support they need to do this as gracefully as possible.

Why do any of this?  In the words of Henri-Fréderic Amiel, “The process of life should be the birth of a soul.  This is the highest alchemy, and this justifies our presence on earth.  This is our calling and our virtue.”  And, in the words of Lao Tzu, “At the centre of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”  The tarot counselling process is one path to such birthing and knowing. 

*** All the information you need about the course can be found by clicking on Dear Fellow Life Pilgrim

Please join us.


Image: detail from the Ten of Flame Songs from the Songs for the Journey Home Tarot.


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Tarot Counselling Course is Back!


Are you ready to be changed from a reader of cards to a companion of the soul?
Are you ready to generate some applicable wisdom for yourself and those who come to you?

You can get full information about my forthcoming course, “Tarot Counselling for Self and Others” by emailing me at circleways.james@yahoo.ca
Just for enquiring, you’ll get a nice little gift: a PDF of the Basic Tenets of Evolutionary Tarot.
And the first 10 people to sign up for the course will get a free 20-minute Skype/phone session with me.

Let me know if you’d like the info.

The course begins October 3, 2014.  I only offer it once a year or once every two years, so best to sign up now.

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