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Sharing the Harvest of Our Dreams

If you ever employ my services or if you know me socially, you know that I enjoy using symbolic insight tools as proactive blueprints to turn potentials, gifts, and dreams into a reality.  A lot of what I do with the tarot and strategic questions is about this very thing.  One text I appreciate and refer to often is Intuitive Astrology by the late Elizabeth Rose Campbell.  It’s a fabulous resource for employing one’s birth chart as a creative map.  As I re-read bits of it last night, these words from pages 318 – 319 set off “happy bells” and supportive visions in me:

Each dream I have worked for and manifested has somehow played a role in creating a new community for me.  With whom do I want to share the harvest of my dreams?  Knowing the answer to that question becomes fuel toward manifesting the dream.  Who are my allies?…Who am I as an ally to others?

No person becomes the best that s/he can be in a vacuum and no life-affirming gifts that emerge from such an evolutionary process are for self only.  These realised dreams also enhance community and world.

When I respond to Campbell’s first question – with whom do I want to share the harvest of my dreams? – my own thoughts include my partner, close friends, visual artists, musicians, writers, poets, dancers, agents of inner and outer change, presenters of ritual performance experiences, psychologists, gallery curators, politicians with “green”/egalitarian values, and cultural creatives.  When I pulled a card from the Voyager Tarot to enhance my response to the same question, I received Trump V, the Hierophant.  This suggests that it would also be helpful to share the harvest of my dreams with teachers, educators, priestesses and priests of spiritual traditions, those who walk the path to enlightenment, those who “build bridges” between perceived opposites, people who desire self-mastery, mentors, trainers, and counsellors.

My own off-the-top-of-my-head response to Campbell’s second question – who am I as an ally to others? – includes mentor, guide, host, soul friend, intuitive prompter, motivational listener, catalyst, fellow journeyer, strategic questioner, counsellor, and witness to process.  The Voyager Tarot’s suggestion for me as an ally to others is Trump XIV, Art.  I can be artist, mediator, healer, creative springboard, alchemist, vision manifester, integrator, synthesiser, unifying force, one who brings together disparate people and elements to create a new whole.

I appreciate that the cards relate to one another numerologically: 14 reduces to 5 (1 + 4 = 5), so there’s a strong bond between those with whom I share the harvest of my dreams and who I am as an ally to them.  Love it!

I invite you to reflect on your own vision for what you choose to create in this lifetime.  Who is with you as you concretise your vision?  Who else needs to join you?  Who are you to them?  Who else can you be as a result of birthing your vision?  Who are all of you to your community?  Who are all of you to our world?  Who or what might help you to catalyse, guide, or co-shape your new reality?  How might I be of service to you and your circle of allies in that processPlease let me know.

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Basic Tenets of Evolutionary Tarot

Yesterday, I hosted a group of people in my space here in Guelph to offer an Introduction to Evolutionary Tarot, the way that I enjoy working with people over the cards.  The experience was good for me in that it helped me to articulate more clearly some basic tenets of this way of looking at and using the tarot.  This list of premises is a work in progress, a living process, just like we are.  May this current version be of value to you in clarifying your own way of being with the tarot and/or in knowing more about how I work so you can book a session with me or take a class or workshop.



Basic Tenets of Evolutionary Tarot (as of November, 2013)


  • The tarot is not a belief system; it is simply a tool.
  • All tarot cards are neutral symbols.  There are no “good” cards and there are no “bad” cards.  The card symbols are enlivened by the questions, processes, templates, life experiences, and understanding that we take to them.
  • Neither the cards nor “fate” make things happen; people make things happen.
  • Rather than considering a tarot card concept as a noun, it can be helpful to consider it as a verb or process.  E.g. Rather than say, “I’m a High Priestess”, one might say, “I’m High Priestessing.”
  • Rather than considering a tarot card concept as a blanket statement, it can be helpful to consider it as an open-ended question.  E.g. “The Ace of Pentacles says that you’re successful” can become “The Ace of Pentacles asks, ‘What personal definition of success have you cultivated in response to this endeavour?’”
  • The tarot practitioner is simply a guide; the person or group who is the subject of the tarot encounter is her/his/its own best expert on her/his/its life.  The tarot encounter is a catalyst for her/him/it to tap into this personal expertise.
  • The fundamental questions that underlie the tarot encounter include: Who am I?  What questions do I carry in this lifetime?  What is my full potential as a human being?  What script can I write in order to become this?  What are my unique qualities and gifts?  How can I share these with my community and the world in a life-affirming manner?  What do I most need to know or learn at this time?
  • The tarot encounter’s primary aim is the intensification of a person’s consciousness or self-awareness.  It is an invitation to empowerment.



Image: Trump XX — Judgement — from the Builder of the Adytum Tarot by Jessie Burns Parke and Paul Foster Case.

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A XXI Poem

Last night, the Magnolia Café, here in Guelph, hosted another Off the Page Open Mic evening.  My contribution was a poem based on Trump XXI, the World, a bit of an experiment.




When options open up a world of choice

or complications show their faces masked,

renewing power comes when questions asked

legitimately pierce distraction’s voice,

determined to bring wholeness to our ken.

The person who is whole delights and weeps

with others’ griefs and triumphs, falls and leaps.

Encounters of the spirit happen when

no “mine and yours” nor “us and them” divides

the spark of oneness into warring flames;

you dance instead — one body, Name of Names —

on stars and planets, galaxies and tides.

No human journey ends ’til we restore

exquisite cosmic consciousness e’ermore.

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