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Multiple Topics — Eek!

What’s a tarot consultant to do when presented with multiple topics for exploration?  Let’s say that a client has booked one hour with you and has mentioned in their responses to your intake questions that they need to know about communication with their intimate partner(s), their choice about whether to continue their job or to move into self-created work, how to balance these with the part-time university course they’re taking, and coping with the stress of juggling all of this.  That’s four topics (at least) — eek! — and one hour won’t address all of these individually in a way that’s helpful to the readee.


I see three possible solutions for such a moment:

1.  Ask the client to select the topic/intention that they would put at the very top of the list and spend the hour working on it with them.  Perhaps ask, “If a magical genie came along and told you that s/he could only apply his/her magic to one of these parts of your life, which one would be the most important one for you to choose?”

2. Suggest multiple sessions, one for each topic/intention plus a summary consultation, so that a thorough exploration of each can take place.  These can be booked either a week or a fortnight apart, long enough for integration and homework activities to happen but close enough together so that momentum can be maintained.

3.  Read their intake responses and find a theme that the various topics have in common, then design or choose a spread or process that will address this theme.  Chances are that the thread that runs through every aspect of life is the real issue that needs to be addressed.  Using the tarot encounter to explore the questions behind the underlying theme — whether it’s authority, victimhood, their personal definition of success, fear, an inflated sense of self, or whatever — and to generate doable, concrete actions for the client to perform beyond the session will likely create the most helpful and long-lasting change that’s required.

As you can see, there’s no need for a tarot practitioner to feel overwhelmed when presented with the multi-topic response to “What would be interesting or useful for you to know when we consult the tarot?”  You have options and so does the person who’s consulting you.

P.S.  This applies to ALL symbolic/intuitive consultants — astrologers, rune casters, intuitive life strategists, goddess stone readers, etc.


Image: Trump XXI, Le Monde, from the Camoin-Jodorowsky version of the Tarot de Marseille.

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Your Most Ancient Gifts

Primal Flaring Forth Layout

© 2015, James P. Wells

This spread, which you can do with any divinatory/symbolic tool (tarot cards, Crone Stones, playing cards, runes, Oracle of Initiation, Magpie casting charms, Sacred Path Cards, Gifting Bones, etc.), emerged from a vision I had of 13.8 billion years of wisdom and creativity that exists in every human being from the time of the Primal Flaring Forth (the so-called Big Bang).  Use this reading to tap into your most ancient gifts and the medicine that all of existence most needs to come through you at this time. 


 No fancy design, just lay out four cards, stones, bones, charms, or whatever in a row from left to right:

1  2  3  4

  1. What celebration-worthy qualities of the Primal Flaring Forth do I still carry?
  2. What wise and loving thing wants to be created through me at this time?
  3. For what purpose does the Universe need this thing to be created?
  4. In what practical ways can I apply my celebration-worthy qualities to this creative endeavour?

The folks who are currently taking the Embodied Divination series with four friends and me have already done this four-position spread.  Please let me know what comes forth for you in the Comments section when you do it.

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Religious Naysayers? Just say “No”

Here’s a fascinating question from one of the people who reads this blog regularly:

Dear James,

Sometimes people tell me their religion says that working with the tarot is evil or the work of the devil.  Does this ever happen to you?  If so, what do you do about it?  How do you respond?  Help!

~ RD, Tulsa, OK, U.S.A.


I can only remember three particular incidents of such religiously based criticism: once in person, once by phone, and once by email.  In all cases, I kept my response very simple.  I just said, “Fortunately, neither my clients nor I feel that way”, then left the room, hung up the phone, or deleted the email.  It’s not our job to convert anybody to anything (conversion is, in my opinion, one of the most arrogant human inventions) nor is it helpful to a tarot practitioner’s morale to engage in debate.  It also helps to remember that not every person who practices a religion looks down on the tarot; I’ve met many priests, nuns, rabbis, and ministers who are open to using the cards as a tool for insight.  I hope this helps you, RD.


Image: Trump V, Le Pape, from the Dodal Tarot de Marseille, restored by Jean-Claude Flornoy.

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OK, listen up. The Crone has spoken to us through the Tarot of the Crone about the Embodied Divination series that will begin on January 14. I asked Her, “What gifts will emerge for those who participate in this programme?” and got the Shadow of Wands. The gifts that will emerge include:

  • Wiping out who we thought we were so we can become who we truly are
  • Obliteration of false roles and self-images that do not serve the Greater Whole
  • An incendiary sharing of our True Spirits with the world
  • Passing on the gifts of growth and creativity to the next generations
  • A creative clean slate
  • An annihilation of everything but the most pure, indestructible Essence of who we always intended to be

She has spoken.  Are you in? Please sign up.  See the flyer below for how.

unnamed (4)


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A Layout for the New Year

Change of Year Layout

by James Wells

Use your favourite divinatory/symbolic tool with this spread to help you transition from one year to the next.


1        2        3


  1. What to leave behind in 2014.
  2. What to take forward with me into 2015.
  3. What to add to my life in 2015.

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