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Solstice Tarot Circle Game on Youtube!

Last year at this time, I created a Winter Solstice Tarot Circle Game, blending two of my favourite soul-nourishing things, circle process and tarot cards.

This year, my friend Joanna Powell Colbert took it up a notch by creating a Youtube video that explains the solstice game/process with beautiful visuals.

Please gather your loved ones, watch the short video, then sit around a candle with your cards.  You’ll know yourself and each other so much more intimately.

You can enjoy Joanna’s lovely video at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAE-a0ytv_A

A blessed dark womb time of the year to you!

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Making Friends with XV

I was recently asked to offer some thoughts on tarot Trump XV, traditionally called the Devil, but also known in some modern decks as Bindweed, Trickster, Error, Illusion, etc.

Some of my favourite key words for the Devil card are structure, limits, and boundaries.  I believe that every card, even a “scary” one like the Devil, is neutral; it’s up to us how we live any card’s concepts.  Does structure feel like a prison sentence or is it more like enjoying time in a sandbox?  Is a limit something you require to get things done or is it an enforced shut-down?  When is a boundary a border that contributes to segregation and when is it a necessary guideline for respectful interaction?  Does reining you in stifle your creativity or does it prevent you from making a huge social gaff?

There’s a strain of thought in certain circles that “the devil is merely the divine as seen by the unwise/uninitiated”.  It’s reassuring to think that the divine has a shadow side.  Knowing this liberates us from the obsession with perfection and transcendence that pervades our culture.  It’s OK to be flawed.  And it’s OK to use that flaw as a start point to be, do, or have something better.  To recognise Trump XV as the divine in disguise encourages us to honour our demons, addictions, and unhealthy projections (remember that the Devil is an invention of certain religious sects who were unwilling to claim their own “stuff”) as red flags that something is ready to shift or evolve.

The Devil card asks each of us, “What in your life feels like a flaw or saboteur, and what container will safely hold you as you commit to the process of remembering what is divine about it?”

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Proud to be Among “2011’s Best”!

Theresa Reed, aka The Tarot Lady, writes a very good blog.  At the end of each year, she creates a “best of tarot” list with different categories.

Imagine my great delight to discover that my book, Tarot for Manifestation, is listed under Most Creative Use for Tarot on this year’s list.

It’s an honour to be mentioned alongside the other wonderful tarot practitioners and publications.  Thank you, Theresa!

You can read The Tarot Lady’s 2011 list at http://www.thetarotlady.com/best-of-tarot-2011/

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15 Tarot Tips

Brigit, of BiddyTarot, asked 15 of us who practise tarot for a living what our favourite tips are for people who want to learn how to use the cards.  The variety of responses is helpful and refreshing.  You can enjoy the contributors’ wit, wisdom, humour, and humility and learn something about reading tarot by going to







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