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A Reading for the Eclipse

Today, the much-mentioned total solar eclipse will take place.  In order to gain a balanced perspective on it, I consulted one of astrologer Demetra George’s books, Finding Our Way through the Dark, to apply to today’s heavenly event.  On page 113, she writes:

“Dane Rudhyar said that at the New Moon solar eclipse, the present is blotted out by the past…This statement suggests that at a solar eclipse, the Sun — which represents our consciousness awareness — when obscured, allows the forces of the past which lie buried in the unconscious as psychic complexes, to be seen, confronted, and experienced with the possibility of integrating these previously unconscious energies into the present awareness.”

To honour these words and this day, I did a three-card reading with the Tarot of the Crone.

  1. What do we temporarily need to set aside or blot out at this time in order to notice what is vital for us to notice?  4 of Swords.  We need to temporarily set aside reason, the rational mind, logic that lacks any human touch.
  2. If we do this, what buried forces of the past will come forth from the unconscious?  Beast of Disks.  Primal forces of creativity and destruction, sacrifice and fertility, life and death, and the raw awareness that one life form needs to feed off another.
  3. What are healthy ways for us to integrate these energies?  Grandmother of Wands.  Hold council with these forces, hold council with one another, listen to stories about how these energies have played out in the past and how they are playing out in the present, and practise with one another the culture and world we most want to bring into being.

Beast of Disks (Pig) from Tarot of the Crone

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Healing the “Us vs. Them”

Given what’s on our minds, in our hearts, and on the news of late, I asked the Oracle of Initiation, “What first step can humans take to heal the divisive ‘us vs. them’ mentality that we carry?” and got #45, IDENTIFY. So, first steps could include any/all of these:

  • Identify something of ourselves in the perceived “other”.
  • Identify something of the perceived “other” in ourselves.
  • Open space for each of us to courageously claim our own voices.
  • Clearly identify, balance, and discern the messages we absorbed from those who went before us.
  • Listen to each other’s stories and weave the common threads of these stories together. 
  • Employ wit, song, poetry, and social commentary to critique long-accepted social mores and patterns.
  • Perceive pockets of harmony and build on them.


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