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Purposeful Void Layout

After a dear friend died recently, I was inspired to create a spread which I call the Purposeful Void Layout.  It can be employed with any tool: tarot, runes, soul cards, oracle of initiation, womanrunes, crone stones, etc.  Use it any time a person, an experience, a place, or anything else is no longer in your life and you want to learn and grow from the experience of the absence in ways that contribute to the Whole.


1. Now that ______ is gone, which of her/his/its qualities do I/we most miss and grieve?

2. What greater vision or purpose does this quality serve?

3. What is my/our role in this greater vision/purpose?

4. What is my/our next step in playing this role?



In memory of Jeannette McCullough, friend, shaman, teacher, and enjoyer of life.

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