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Praise for Tarot Circle Encounters

I’m thrilled to receive these words of praise about my new book, Tarot Circle Encounters:

For some years now, James Wells has dedicated himself to the deep honest sharing of council circles and the spiritual sparks created when we allow the Tarot to inspire our responses to serious questions and to the moment.  In this simple and direct book we see the grace that can come from someone who has truly lived what he teaches.           ~ Rachel Pollack, author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom and many other books, creator of the Shining Tribe Tarot

This is a heartfelt guide for using Tarot or Oracle Cards to honor the seasons and for making deeper connections with your friends and community. I guarantee if more people would do this, we would have a much more loving and caring planet.          ~ Mary K. Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, Tarot for Your Self, and many other books

I have been waiting for this book for a long time. I love James’ seasonal Tarot Circle Games and I am thrilled to have them all together in one place. I love the conversations and wisdom that come from playing these games in a small group. But more than that, I am pleased to hold in my hands James’ instructions on how to hold an effective council circle, especially for tarot-lovers. I agree with James that the structure of circle process is a simple, yet extraordinary, tool for building community and connection. I use it in all my retreats and workshops. It changes lives. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to honor the seasonal round, and to create connection through intentional conversation. Thank you James.          ~ Joanna Powell Colbert, creator of the Gaian Tarot

These beautiful words do my heart a world of good.  They make the work worthwhile.

*** You can order your own copy of my new PDF book, Tarot Circle Encounters by sending $7 to circleways@yahoo.ca .  I’ll email you the book.  Easy!

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My new book is ready for YOU!

OK, I’m excited!

My new book, Tarot Circle Encounters: Fostering Community, Wisdom, and Wholeness Through Image, Conversation, and Natural Cycles, is written and for sale.

It’s a PDF book, so the price is very reasonable, only $7.

It contains 12 experiences, rooted in nature, that blend the tried-and-true symbolic beauty of the tarot with the conscious conversational process of circle process.  It also teaches you the basic of circle-based conversations and provides you with reflective questions to harvest the wisdom of your tarot circle experiences with friends and peers.  The prompts for each tarot circle are designed to take you deeper into your own Knowing so you become more self-aware and are stimulated to take simple positive action in the real world.

Simply send $7 to circleways@yahoo.ca through PayPal and I’ll email you your copy of this groundbreaking book.

Please join me in my enthusiasm for the birth of this new project.

Book Cover

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What I Learn About/From the Tarot Trumps

An activity that the participants in my current Essentials of Tarot Reading course are doing involves looking at a page of quotations about the Major Arcana, picking one that “sings” to them, paraphrasing it, and telling us what their paraphrase teaches them about the Trumps. Here’s my own rendering of the activity:

A.     The original quotes (two of them “sang” to me):
* The twenty-two Major Arcana are cards depicting the Great Mystery of life and the roles we are asked to play on our road to understanding it. These roles lead to full participation as a co-creator of life on Earth. (Carol Bridges)
* As guides to inner development, [the 22 Major Arcana] depict universal forces within us that are attempting to express to, or through, us. (Echols, Mueller, & Thomson)

B.     My personal paraphrase of the two quotations:
The tarot trumps remind us that past, current, and future humans are integral to the continuing unfoldment of creation and all or most of us experience certain similar things during this process. By reminding us of these things, the trumps are saying, “You can derive great meaning from any life experience and apply what you derive to creating life more consciously.”

C.     The quotations and my paraphrase of them teach me that the trumps are symbols of common inner states and outer experiences, a visual reassurance that nobody is alone in anything, whether celebratory or difficult.


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