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More About the Circle For Which I Long

A few posts ago, I stated that I’d love to convene/be part of a conference of circle-based process folks.  I recently asked myself, “Why would I want to be part of such a gathering?  What would the intent be?”  One part of me thinks that it would be wonderful just to be in the company of such circlers (“cool”, in fact).  Not exactly the most noble response, but part of the truth.  When I dig deeper, I realise that I want to carry several intents into it.  Perhaps you could help me narrow them down.

  • To teach and learn from one another so that each of us can be more adaptable in our processes depending on the situation.
  • To ask, “What have you often thought about circle-based processes, but were afraid to say out loud?” and hear everyone’s responses.
  • To ripple the power of circle farther into our world in various ways (What do I mean by this?).
  • To wonder how we might inspire big businesses and governments to adopt a more circle-based model of being.
  • To ask, “What bold statement and what bold question do you want to bring to the circle?” and hear everyone’s responses.
  • Other(s)?

When I visit Bev at Lakeside Retreats in mid-January, we hope to sit in council around what this gathering could look like.  Who wants to join the conversation in person with us?

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A Winter Solstice Reading

Even though it’s a day late, here’s a brief tarot reading for all of us at Winter Solstice, using the Greenwood Tarot.


 1.     How can we best honour this time of the quiet stillness of the Earth?     TWO OF WANDS.     Treat this time as a gateway or threshold.  Simply stand in it, be in it, and remember that stillness, or non-stillness, is a personal choice.

2.     What can help us to choose stillness?     REFLECTION (related to the traditional Hanged Man).     Long, dark nights of dreaming, contemplation, sacred waiting, and patient listening for the soul’s cues, all companioned by the Dark Feminine.

May this special time of year grace you in quiet, holy ways.  Blessed be.

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Doorway Opened to a Fulfulling 2010

Last Thursday’s monthly tarot class, 20 folks strong, was a process to help people clarify a larger goal for 2010, discover the blocks to achieving that goal, overcoming the blocks, and creating doable actions.  Here’s an abbreviated activity you can do for yourself do get closer to something you desire to create, either within yourself or in your outer world:

Decide on a goal.  Write it down.  Go through your face-up tarot deck and select ONE card that most looks or feels like you living out your accomplished goal.  Write its name and the positive qualities that you sense in the image.  What can you do over the next month that feels like those qualities?  Write it down.  What can you do over the next week that feels like the card’s helpful qualities?  Write it down.  What can you do over the next 24 hours that feels like your goal card’s helpful qualities?  Write it down.  Keep your chosen tarot card in sight as often as possible to remind you of your goal.  Do the actions you came up with.  Create more actions as needed.  Do them.

We concluded the evening by calling upon the Tarot of the Crone for its wisdom for the new year.  Each person got a quick personal message from the Crone.  Holiday goodies fortified us well.  Several new people attended and many long-timers caught up with one another.  It was a joyous evening!

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A Circle That I Long For

I have various circles in my life.  Some are ongoing while others are one-time or few-time gatherings.  There are two spiritual circles which nourish me, heal me, and bring in world events that matter in different ways.  There’s the mastermind circle for self-employed helpers/visionaries/creatives.  I’ve participated in two Seven Whispers study circles.  Monthly tarot gatherings allow me to offer teachings connected with the cards.  There are informal councils with friends over tea and food. 

The circle I’d love to create is a conference for people who employ circle-based methodologies in work, life, creativity, growth, healing, negotiation, education, etc.  There would be people who are connected with PeerSpirit circles, Open Space conferences, Daré healing gatherings, indigenous council, World Café communities, brainstorming groups, and much more under one roof.  What an opportunity to learn from one another and to ripple circle’s presence farther into the world.  It would be at a retreat centre in the country, somewhere here in Ontario, so we could all partake of restorative nature walks and council with the other-than-human community.  Besides the main workshop space, I envision a room called the Healing Garden where we can give and receive healing modalities with one another.  Another room would be called the Temple of “Know Thyself” where oracles and counselling processes could guide us.  A third room would be a Vendors’ Market, a space for circle-related books, DVDs, artwork, and resources to be sold.  And there’d be an Oasis, a silent room for meditation, contemplation, and naps.  Somehow, all of these rooms would connect to the Tea Tent, where informal conversations could take place over a warm, nourishing beverage. 

If this kind of conference is something that appeals to you, let’s have a converation that matters about it.  This blog entry is my first step to making it happen. 

How about YOU?  What circle do you long for?  Who might be there?  Where would it take place?  What’s the first step to calling it into existence?  We’re listening.

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