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New Service: V.I.P. Day for YOU




Feel like you’re in transition?

Wondering what the next right thing in your life might be?


Join James Wells for a

Personal V.I.P. Consulting Day

From 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., you and James will employ the tarot and a series of strategic questions to help you formulate a plan for moving forward from “What next?” to “Aha!” You’ll leave with tools and processes that you can use again and again to guide you through any transition period in the future.  And you’ll enjoy a delicious homemade lunch!

Your deep, focused day of V.I.P. consulting is only $595.

The next right thing is waiting to be called forth from its cocoon, so book your personal V.I.P. Consulting Day now:

(416) 966 – 2685


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Tarot Infiltrates Kingston!

What a fantastic day in Kingston, ON!  The delightful Marilyn Shannon (Canada’s Queen of the Crystal Ball) hosted two tarot workshops for me.  People were great and the processes were well received. 

The morning session was called Essential Tarot Skills, time to acquire and practise the tools and knowledge necessary (in my eyes) to conducting a good basic reading.  One Major Arcana activity we did was to pick one card, sight seen, to represent what yesterday was like for you.  Then the same, chosen consciously from face-up cards, to represent what today is like and what you hope or expect tomorrow will be like.  Then they shared with their tablemates why they picked the cards they did.  Only afterwards could people look at their cheat sheets to amplify their understanding of each day.  Easy and fun!  We also covered the Minor Arcana suit qualities, relating to the tarot pictures, asking helpful questions, and small layouts (2- and 3-card spreads).  To end the morning session, people paired up and offered one another mini readings.  They DID it!

Our afternoon session was my Clearing and Affirming Method of Goal Creation, a way of discovering one’s negative beliefs and personal blocks to creating a specific goal, then overcoming them through image, affirmation, and action.  It can be an intense process, but it really helps us to dig in and make desires a reality.  I added an activity from Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects so that people could hear the voice of doubt, the wisdom of the ancestors, and the gratitude of the future beings, all in connection with each participant’s manifested goal.  Powerful, affirming, and grounding!  It’s also good shadow work.

Some Q & A time rounded out our day.  Oh yeah…I had door prizes for three lucky participants.  Gotta love them prizes!

Feedback was lovely.  Many people said they could see themselves continuing to explore tarot in this experiential manner and that many “light bulbs” went off inside their minds and souls, both about tarot and about their own lives.  One woman said that she can see herself shifting her counselling practice so that it incorporates tarot.  Hooray for the cards!

Thank you Kingston, thank you Marilyn, and thank you Life for today’s experience.  I’m deeply grateful.  Tomorrow, people are coming for private tarot consultations.  Then dinner out.  On Monday, I’ll return home to Toronto.

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Read Tarot in 2.5 Hours?

On Saturday, November 21st, I’ll offer two workshops in Kingston, ON.  The morning session is Essential Tarot Skills, things people need to know to perform a competent basic tarot reading.  I have two and a half hours to teach basic history and structure, Major and Minor Arcana, the art of the question, layouts/spreads, and an elementary consultation structure.  Then they’ll do short readings for one another in partners.  It’s a Tarot 101 course in a single morning.  Can we do it?  Stay tuned as we all find out!  If you want to join us, contact Marilyn Shannon via her Classes page.

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“Dancing in the Flames” Film

Last night, several friends and I attended the premier of a documentary film about the great Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst and advocate for the Feminine.  Adam Reid, the mastermind behind the project, has done a splendid job.  Marion Woodman is at her best, inspiring us to integrate the Feminine and Masculine, see all deaths as thresholds to fresh life, bring together psyche and body, and to be as much of ourselves as possible.  Her humour, her depth, her fierceness, and her playfulness all shine.  The equally marvellous Andrew Harvey interviews and dialogues with Marion throughout — what a team!   Various cartoon-like, mythic images are interspersed throughout, leaving one with a sense of having been in a dream.  It was touching to see early photographs and to witness dialogues between Marion and her husband Ross.  I left the Workman Theatre energised in every cell.  As Marion Woodman said to a group of us one time, “Image is energy!”  The DVD is scheduled to be released in December.  It’s a MUST SEE!

Using the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, here’s a two-card reading about “Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames”:

  1. What gift does this film offer to the world?    

Ace of Cups, upright.     A new multi-streamed relationship with the Sacred and a vision of what the Holy Grail might really be.


2.  How can we best integrate this gift into our lives?    


Hermit, upright.    Through slow, quiet contemplation, mentorship with elders who have walked the sacred path,  personal retreats, and wise service to the Whole.

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Loving the Pluto Dance

This morning, I had my yearly check-in with Life via an astrology consultation with Gail Fairfield.  Great to hear professional ideas and personal changes affirmed in our time together!  Pluto is doing some major dancing in my life at this time — much transformation and a desire to serve people and organisations who are in transition.  Yet again, the cosmos mirrors the story of what’s going on.  My work and life are transforming in empowering ways, for which I am grateful.  Interestingly (to me), the image I’m now using for my brochures is the Awakening (Judgement) card from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot.  For me, this card corresponds to the planet Pluto.  I have entered the next right thing, folks.  The circle of transformation and empowerment is being woven.  A new offering for all of you is bubbling in my cauldron of creativity and I think you’ll love it because it’s about YOUR graceful entry from a place of transition to your own next right thing.  Come join me in the Pluto Dance!

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Our Mastermind Format

This morning, our mastermind group met again.  Inspiring, supportive, informative, and affirming as ever.  There are five of us who are self-employed visionaries, creatives, helpers, healers, counsellors, etc. who meet once a month to take our work to a greater level of polish and focus.  We meet from 10:00 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.

Several people have asked for our format, so here it is.  Adapt according to the needs of your own group.  If you have more people than we do, you’ll need to shorten the time for each person.  You’ll notice that there are suggested time frames.  In order to keep to these, one member keeps time with a watch and lifts a feather at the half-way point and end point of the 20 minutes given to each participant.

Part A.   CHECK-IN (up to 2 minutes each):

  • “How I am as we enter our gathering.”
  • “What my best intent is for our gathering today.”


Part B.   MASTERMINDING (20 minutes each):

  • My successes since our last gathering.
  • My goals for this meeting.
  • Request I have of the other group members.
  • Time for feedback from the others (if desired).


Part C.   ANYTHING ELSE? (A few minutes):

  • Is there anything else that truly needs to be spoken here today?




Part E.   CHECK-OUT (up to 2 minutes each):

  • “How I am as I leave this meeting.”
  • What I leave here ready to do.”

We follow our mastermind meetings with a pot-luck lunch so we can catch up on a more social level.  We usually finish by 1:30 p.m.

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