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An Earth Day Reading

Here’s a two-card Earth Day reading using the Gaian Tarot.

  1. What does Earth need from us at this time?  Ace of Fire.  Earth needs us to burst out of our “shells” or limits and begin to really see the world as if for the first time.  It also needs us to be charged with passionate, life-affirming creativity and vision based on what we see.
  2. How can we offer this to Her?  Temperance.  Temper our extremes, carry a “both-and” perspective, bring together perceived opposites in order to find their commonalities and encourage wholeness, make art (of all kinds), be healers, practise moderation.


What do these cards suggest to YOU?  Also, feel free to pull cards for these two questions and share your reading in the Comments.

Blessed Earth day to you and to the web of life!




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I haven’t really begun to advertise it yet, but people are already signing up for Tarot to Navigate Life’s Challenges, a two-call teleseminar on May 12 and 19.

This seems to be touching a need for people who have gone through grief, who have experienced “curveballs”, and who are seeking maps or templates to help hold and journey through such moments with as much grace and insight as possible.

Each call will take place at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time on the above dates.  The $55 fee gets you the PDF handouts (spreads, processes, etc.), the two calls (90 minutes each), and recordings of the calls for your future reference and deepening.  Payment can be sent to circleways.james@gmail.com via PayPal.
Are you ready to move from “uh-oh” to “aha” to “aah…”?  Please join us and reserve your place early.


Image: The Tower (Trump XVI) from the Morgan-Greer Tarot.

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