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Ask Me About Tarot

The tarot and I have been acquainted since I was 12 years old.  I often refer to this 78-card pack of pasteboards as my best friend and therapist.  It’s a tool about which many people have questions.

So, the fourth (possibly final) installment in the “Ask Me” series is about TAROTWhat do you most need to know or learn about the tarot?  What about the cards intrigues you?  What about the tarot sparks your curiosity?

Please leave your questions in the Comments section of this blog post.  Looking forward to our conversation there!

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Ask Me About Reiki

Welcome to Part Three in the “Ask Me” series. 

There’s a great deal of information out there about Reiki — what it is, how one does it, and so forth.  Some of it is complicated and some of it is straightforward.  So, in the Comments section of this blog entry, I’ll be accepting questions about REIKI.  What have you always wanted to know about Reiki?  What would be helpful for you to read here about it?  What about Reiki requires clarification for you? 

Thank you in advance for your questions about REIKI!  I feel that it will be a fruitful conversation.


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Ask Me About Journal Writing

Part Two of the “Ask Me” series is about JOURNAL WRITING.  I started to keep a regular journal on my 21st birthday (that was some time ago!) and have maintained the practice.  Journalling, for me, is as vital as breathing.

So, please leave me some questions in the Comments section of this post.  What about journal writing makes you curious?  What do you most want or need to know about it?  What’s your most burning question about journalling?  What puzzles you about it?  What about journal writing needs more clarity for you? 

I look forward to having a conversation with you about this in the Comments.  By the way, feel free to converse with one another there too.  You might have questions and comments for each other and that will enrich the conversation about journal writing.  Bring on the questions!

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Ask Me About Circle Process

I’m very fond of questions.  They open up possibilities and invite creativity and connection to happen.  Dialogue and learning take place when we ask questions rooted in genuine curiosity.

Instead of me posing questions for you to answer, I’ve chosen to do a short series in which YOU ask questions about the tools and processes I offer.  This blog post is the first in that series.  So, please feel free to send in questions about each topic and I’ll respond to them.

Our first topic is CIRCLE PROCESS.  What do you most want to ask me about circle process?  What do you most need to know about it?  What about circle-based gatherings really stirs your curiosity?

Our conversation will take place in the Comments connected with this post.  I look forward to reading and responding to your wonderful questions about circle!

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