I initially created this layout to address some “charged” feelings I had toward someone.  Given what we see and hear in the media these days, it could be a useful spread for many people and groups in many situations.  So get out your tarot cards, your crone stones, your oracle cards, your gifting bones, or other divinatory tool, mix them slowly, and lay three of them in a row:

1     2     3

  1. What am I projecting onto _______?
  2. How can I own the projection?
  3. What gift(s) can emerge when I own the projection?


Spend time with the symbols.  Let them take you deeper.  Learn, then integrate.   May every projection we take off another person or group bring us closer to love of self and each other.


It’s JUNE which is the month of my birthday. In honour of said day, YOU get a month-long gift, 25% off any tarot consultation (including the four-session “Reason for Being” series) or reiki session. The appointment does not have to take place this month, but it does need to be booked and paid for in June for you to get the discount. Take advantage of my celebratory month and book your session(s). Regular rates and contact information can be found at https://jameswells.wordpress.com/who-is-james-and-what-does-he-offer/

An Earth Day Reading

Here’s a two-card Earth Day reading using the Gaian Tarot.

  1. What does Earth need from us at this time?  Ace of Fire.  Earth needs us to burst out of our “shells” or limits and begin to really see the world as if for the first time.  It also needs us to be charged with passionate, life-affirming creativity and vision based on what we see.
  2. How can we offer this to Her?  Temperance.  Temper our extremes, carry a “both-and” perspective, bring together perceived opposites in order to find their commonalities and encourage wholeness, make art (of all kinds), be healers, practise moderation.


What do these cards suggest to YOU?  Also, feel free to pull cards for these two questions and share your reading in the Comments.

Blessed Earth day to you and to the web of life!




I haven’t really begun to advertise it yet, but people are already signing up for Tarot to Navigate Life’s Challenges, a two-call teleseminar on May 12 and 19.

This seems to be touching a need for people who have gone through grief, who have experienced “curveballs”, and who are seeking maps or templates to help hold and journey through such moments with as much grace and insight as possible.

Each call will take place at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time on the above dates.  The $55 fee gets you the PDF handouts (spreads, processes, etc.), the two calls (90 minutes each), and recordings of the calls for your future reference and deepening.  Payment can be sent to circleways.james@gmail.com via PayPal.
Are you ready to move from “uh-oh” to “aha” to “aah…”?  Please join us and reserve your place early.


Image: The Tower (Trump XVI) from the Morgan-Greer Tarot.

During a recent conversation among people who offer various forms of guidance and support for wellness, the topic of ideal clients came up.  I was asked, “James, who is your ideal client?  What is she or he like?”  Here is a summary of what came through me during that conversation:

As my ideal client, you remember that at your core you are creative, resourceful, and whole. A self-aware person, you are NOT interested in predictive entertainment, but you ARE interested in bringing your questions, goals, transitions, and experiences to the tarot encounter to discover and validate your resources, recognise choices, and align those choices (or not) with your specific skills and dreams. Your curiosity, compassion, attentive listening, and intentional communication co-create an interactive tarot consultation that is satisfying for both of us. An ability to be “in the now” empowers you to remain open to possibilities and assess your options. Thus empowered, you make conscious choices to reframe your past, harvest your present, and sculpt your future. As my ideal client, you have a wholistic mindset that honours intuition and intellect, gravitas and humour, symbol and fact. Your respect for diverse ages, genders, creeds, nationalities, and sexual orientations is admirable. Comprehension of the connection between the personal and the collective prompts you to dedicate the insights you receive during your tarot sessions to your Self-actualisation and to the manifestation of projects that enrich your community and our world.

If one of, some of, or all of these descriptions feel like you, let’s work together.  I’d be honoured to do so!


Image:  Trump XXI, the Universe, from the Tabula Mundi Tarot by M. M. Meleen.

There’s a misconception that working with a self-employed visionary or guide such as a tarot consultant, reiki practitioner, or circle process teacher isn’t convenient, that we’re enigmatic creatures whose schedule depends on our whim.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I value my work and the people who consult me; therefore, I like to make things as easy as possible for you.

In-person tarot and reiki clients enjoy that my space is only a four-minute walk from a subway station on a main metro line here in Toronto, a pleasure to get to.  People who live in a different city or country also enjoy these services.  Because we work with a clear agreed-upon intention, and because a tarot consultation is a form of conversation, we can explore your topic over the phone or on Skype (almost like being in the room!).  And because reiki is in everything and everyone, we’re reminded that all of life is connected, so your reiki session can take place with you in your space and me in mine.  When I teach or host circle process, its versatility means that I can train groups anywhere at all.  I’ve taught and hosted the Circle Way here in Toronto as well as in cities and retreat centres near and far, so this process can take place wherever your group resides.

To keep my life simple and peaceful, I elect not to have a mobile device of any kind.  However, I am highly reachable.  My phone number and email address are here on my site (see the Services page) and I pride myself on returning calls and emails within 48 hours to set up personal appointments and group experiences.  People can also find me on Facebook and send me a private message there.  Easy!

My hours are very clear, so you know when I’m available on a professional basis.  I do personal sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. and on some Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.  This provides you with many hours from which to choose.

I hope this gives you a taste of how convenient and easy your consultation or training with me is.  It will be a joy to work with you and with the people you treasure!  Do contact me at circleways.james@gmail.com or at (416) 966 – 2685 to set something up.


Image: 10 of Rainbows from the Osho Zen Tarot.

It can be a challenge to open up to somebody and tell them that you’re feeling uncertain, excited, stuck, or extra creative, can’t it?  There’s a perception “out there” that to take your conundrums and curiosities to a tarot consultant, psychotherapist, astrologer, coach, or any other helper equals failure or is something to be ashamed of.  Our culture’s voice says, “You need to go it alone or else you’re weak.”  I choose to disagree with that cultural voice.

Something I want you to know about the tarot consultations I offer is that they are rooted in a mindset that says, “At your core, you are creative, wise, resourceful, and whole.”  There’s nothing “wrong” with you for consulting me or any other practitioner.  We all need an ear to bend and another perspective(s) from time to time.  So please know that I respect and treasure your power to create your own life.  That power lies in your hands, not in mine.

The sessions I offer are synergistic experiences during which you, your topic or intention, the strategic questions about that intention, the personal unconscious, the collective unconscious, the world unconscious, the card symbols, careful listening, and I are in dialogue so that you can remember your innate creativity, wisdom, resourcefulness, and wholeness.  I act as a guide.  You and I are co-creators of the tarot encounter, co-weavers of a tapestry that depicts your inner and outer options and what you might do about them in order to create life in your authentic image.  I provide the container, you bring the content.  Together, we let the Plan Bs, Plan Cs, and so forth flow.  Together, we vision your possibilities and potentials and set up first steps to getting to them.

This co-creative, wholeness-honouring approach is far from dependency and failure; it IS about interdependence and empowerment.  Let me know how this form of tarot work can be of value to you.  I’m here for you and WITH you.

With love, appreciation, and respect,




Image: 10 of Flame Songs from the Songs for the Journey Home Tarot.