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Why Multiple Sessions?

Three people recently asked me about multiple tarot consultations, the benefits of having four or six sessions in contrast to a single appointment.  When you have a series of tarot encounters, we’re able to examine various facets of a single issue, situation, or goal and have the time to do so.  You’re able to explore several layers of what you bring to the session, the questions behind the questions, and to integrate what you learn more deeply.  You can also look at a variety of things going on in your life without feeling like a rush job is being done one each one.  There’s a cumulative effect; each session builds on the previous one.  I jot down notes and look for a common theme(s) and the questions that that theme might call forth.  You carry out a simple activity or ritual in between sessions based on an important card, then bring what emerges for you to the next appointment.  We take your experience and my observations and turn them into a new layout or process to use with the cards.  This continues until the final session when we wrap things up, summarise the story that has come to light,  and you take longer-term strategies and goals out into the world to create constructive change in yourself and in your sphere of influence.  Many people say that it feels like a once-a-week pilgrimage, retreat, or oasis in which they get to meet with the part of themselves that knows them best.  Single sessions are good too, but multiple tarot consultations foster a fertile ongoing relationship with the wisdom that resides within you.  You tap into a world of possibilities.




Image: Trump XXI from El Gran Tarot Esoterico by Luis Pena Longo and Maritxu Guler.

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Nancy Antenucci and I had a delightful conversation about her concept of the Destiny Self and what that might mean for our growth and creativity.  It’s only 17 minutes long and I think you’ll all enjoy it.  Here’s the link to the recording:

Nancy will be the third presenter in our juicy series, Embodied Divination.


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