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The Gifts of Guelph

My partner and I recently moved to Guelph, Ontario, known as the Royal City.  It’s in a part of the province where many things we both enjoy are happening and it’s close enough to Toronto to maintain our important relationships there.  We’re very happy with the townhouse we’re in.  Evening meals on the back patio in the presence of maple and spruce are a delight.  The people are friendly and we anticipate good times here.

My curiosity about the mutual benefits of living here led me to do a short reading with the Medicine Woman Tarot:

1.  What are the most constructive, life-affirming gifts I can offer to Guelph and vicinity?     ACE OF PIPES, UPRIGHT.     An awakening of exciting, creative energy.  A vision of the possible human and the seeds for that vision to be planted.  A fresh public image.  The kindling of a desire for more self-expression.

2.  What are the best forums, tools, or processes through which I can offer these gifts?     FOUR OF BOWLS, UPRIGHT.     Create group experiences (circles, classes, rituals, workshops, etc.), establish public healing/oracular encounters, connect with an existent arts community, foster a sense of devotion, be love incarnate, solidify friendships, and act on my true feelings.

3.  What are the most constructive, life-affirming gifts I can receive from Guelph and vicinity?     XV.  TRICKSTER, REVERSED.     Self-discipline.  Taking more responsibility for myself.  Stronger personal boundaries.  Supportive mental-emotional-psychological structures that help me to narrow down my options and be more focused.

4.  What are the best forums, tools, or processes through which I can receive these gifts?     LODGE OF PIPES, REVERSED.     A mature self-image, be adept at tapping into and using my creative energy, a well-established personal power spot in the area, quietly emanate power that energises those around me on a soul level, be the most “True Self” that I can be, be a living temple/sanctuary, demonstrate a high level of self-respect.

I hope that you will join me on this journey of awakened vision, helpful personal structures, devoted groups of people, and adept personal growth.  What role might YOU play in this, dear friends?  I’d love to know how we might collaborate in this!

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