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An unusual January tarot experience for YOU

Dear Fellow Journeyers and Lovers of Life,

In January 2011, I’m going to do something unusual, and you’re going to *love* it.

The threshold of a fresh year is a fantastic time to take stock of our lives, learn from them, and decide what the next step might be.  In that spirit, I’m excited to offer you something special that will help you enter the new year with insight and grace.

What is this unusual service?
Normally, I offer tarot sessions that are one hour, 90 minutes, or longer.  In January 2011 *only*, I’m providing you with the opportunity to have a half-hour tarot consultation that addresses three specific questions:
  • What deeper, larger learning do I need to be aware of in 2011?
  • What is appropriate for me to leave behind this year?
  • What is appropriate for me to move towards this year?
Not only will you gain rich insights and information from this three-card exploration, we’ll also work together to create actions and/or rituals to bring those insights down to earth so you can experience real change.  Now *that’s* 21st century tarot at its best!

What else is so unusual about this service?
If I were to offer half-hour sessions on a regular basis, they would cost you $75.  This January, you get 30 minutes with the tarot for only $60.  Don’t you *love* it?!

While I enjoy seeing people in person here in Toronto, you can be anywhere in the world.  Our change-making tarot conversation can take place over the ‘phone or in person, your choice.

I’m only able to work with 15 people per week in this way in January, so if you want to enjoy this unique type of tarot session, you’ll need to book yours right away.  Call me at (416)  966  –  2685 or email me at circleways@yahoo.ca to set up a time, and please send pre-payment (only $60!).  Mailing address will be provided when you contact me.

Make 2011 a rich journey for yourself.  Let’s talk over the tarot.  And watch for news of a process whereby I’ll be able to offer you deeper support throughout the year based on what emerges for you in January.  It will involve tarot, journal writing, and being attentively listened to in a council-like manner.  Very personal and very helpful.

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Gems from Jodorowsky

I’m really enjoying Alejandro Jodorowsky’s book, The Way of Tarot.  Currently, I’m in Part Five: “The Reading of the Tarot”.  There are many fresh ways of saying things I’ve been saying for years.  Some of my favourite statements in this section of the book include:

  • When we eliminate the illusion of “reading the future”, the Tarot becomes a psychological tool and a tool for self-knowledge.  By honestly confronting the characteristics of our personalities that have gone off course…we can attain knowledge of our real essence, in other words, what is innate in us and not acquired.  (page 420)
  • The tarologist reads the present, which is the true unknown for the consultant…  (page 432)
  • I promised myself to establish gestures for reading the Tarot that had the perfection and humility of a Zen tea ceremony.  (page 428)
  • In no case should the tarologist pass herself off as a superior individual…Our sole power is the power to provide help, if we are asked for it.  (page 436)
  • …the practice of reading for oneself is one of the best means for gaining a deeper comprehension of the Tarot…it is also an awesome device for going deeper and for learning humility, which allows us to put our finger on our defense mechanisms.  (page 436)

I appreciate Jodorowsky’s desire to get himself out of the way during a consultation and to be as clear a mirror as possible for the client’s own wisdom.  Anyone who wishes to become better at the art of working with the tarot for self and/or others would do well to spend time with Part Five of The Way of Tarot.

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