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Saturday Musings – Podcast, Astrology, & Thanksgiving

First, Andrew McGregor and I had a great meeting yesterday afternoon.  Our tarot podcast show is a GO!  We’ll record our first episode in October and launch it to the public in November.  We want to begin in a manageable fashion, so plan to listen to a half-hour segment each month.  I anticipate our online chats will be great fun and very informative.  Andrew and I meet on common ground on many facets of tarot and related topics.  There are also places where we diverge, allowing some variety into the mix.  Stay tuned for the launch date!

Second, I was wondering in my journal earlier today, “What is it about astrology that is so appealing to people that I can also say about tarot?”  Astrology is based on something tangibly personal, the client’s date, time, and place of birth.  Any forecasted themes are also based on calculated information.  Astrology carries a sense of direct connection with the cosmos, affirming one’s place in the universe.  Also, the charts look cool!  Did you know that a pair of Birth Cards can be calculated for you using your date of birth?  That your personal Year Cards can be worked out for each year of your life?  That 12 themes per year can be calculated and discussed in the context of your Month Cards?  The sense of our everyday lives being part of the larger cosmos is affirmed in the tarot’s structure.  The 22 Major Arcana are life’s big themes, an array of archetypal experiences.  The four suits of the Minor Arcana are the arenas in which those larger themes can play out — spirit and sense of self (wands), emotions and relationships(cups), thoughts and beliefs (swords), and body and work (pentacles).  In addition, tarot cards look cool!

Third, it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  For what do I give thanks?  I love that I can express myself creatively through my work.  I’m grateful for loving people, both long-time and new, who grace my life.  I appreciate this exquisite season of Autumn.  I give thanks that I have full use of my senses and body.  And I’m grateful for all of you who read the Circle Ways blog.  You’re wonderful!

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Toronto-Based Tarot Podcast?

This afternoon, I’m meeting with Andrew McGregor, fellow tarot practitioner here in Toronto and all-around good person.  We’re going to discuss the possibility of us offering podcasts about the tarot, maybe once or twice a month.  We’ll have a different focus each time.  Specific topics AND general tarot stuff can be intermingled.  Anyway, let’s see what comes forth from today’s chat over coffee.  Stay tuned for further news of this project.  More excitement!

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Multi-Faceted Tarot Consultant

I was wondering what to write about in my capacity as a tarot consultant, so I shuffled a deck and got the 7 of Wands.  The seven-ness plus wands-ness made me ask, “What are the multiple roles I play as a tarot consultant?”  Good question.

The roles that I can think of off the top of my head are:

  • consultant, confidant, adminstrator, bathroom cleaner, appointment maker, coach, guide, teacher, devil’s advocate, writer, promoter, planner, listener, friend, adviser, tea-maker, counsellor, holder of time and space, container, motivator/cheerleader, mirror, healer, go-fer, agent of change, entrepreneur, nurturer, co-creator, concelebrant, transformer, catalyst, resource provider, spider in the web of networking, visionary, embassador of tarot and personal growth.

I’m sure that there are other roles that I play.  Anyhow, it’s becoming apparent that in my capacity as tarot consultant, I do more than just “read cards”.

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Add a Dash of Question

It’s amazing what a single simple question will open up.

Today, our monthly mastermind circle met in my space.  In between check-in and check-out, each of us self-employed agents of change got 20 minutes to share what was on our minds regarding our businesses then receive helpful, inspiring feedback from the others.

The final person said that she didn’t have too much to say since our last meeting, telling us one or two brief items.  A couple of months ago, she had a much-needed holiday in the country, so I asked, “[Name], how did your time off in August affect your work?”  One question opened up another 15 minutes or so of discussion about her work as we and she found threads to follow.

At a dinner party a few weeks ago, my host turned to me and quietly said, “We could really use a good question right now to get the conversation going.  Can you come up with something?”  After reflecting over the soup for a moment, I said to everyone around the table, “People say that the art of conversation is dead.  I’m not sure I believe that.  What’s the most life-changing conversation you’ve ever had?”  Well, the floodgates of story cracked open and the next hour and a half was replete with inspiring moments that informed, entertained, and nourished us all.

So, not sure what to say?  Perhaps silence is perfect.  At other times, a question dropped into the moment is exactly what’s needed, especially a question that begins with “how” or “what”.  Try it and notice what happens.

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Some Thoughts on Truth

This week, I’m aware of people telling the TRUTH.  A woman in her 60s confronts her 90-something-year-old relative about her verbal abuse.  A gay man comes out to his young son.  One month into the academic year, a schoolteacher declares, “I don’t want to do this anymore.  I resign.”

Truth is, in many ways, related to trust.  Deep truth-telling can take place when safe conditions are in place.  Seated in the sacred container of the therapist’s office, held in the arms of a beloved one, or speaking from the rim of the consciously created temenos of a conversation circle, one can speak what’s really happening.  Truth can be a sense of  “Ah, it’s finally out”.

Truth can also emerge in order to survive in the moment or to reform what needs to be changed.  A bullied teen speaks to the parents’ council.  An abused wife calls the police.  A journalist writes an exposé on unsavoury political activities.  Truth can be a fiery “No!” or a passionate “Yes!”

I asked the Daughters of the Moon Tarot, “What is truth?” and received the One of Pentacles, which depicts a woman doing Tai Chi outdoors with a glowing pentacle between her legs connecting her to the earth. One hand faces the sky, the other faces the ground.  This suggests to me that truth is a discipline that grounds, strengthens, and centres us.  It’s the seed of good health and the source of real wealth.  Truth is the energy that unites heaven and earth.

Please leave comments, friends.  What does the card I picked suggest to YOU what truth is?  If you picked a card of your own, what does IT suggest?  Where and when have you heard and/or expressed truth recently?

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New Resources for You Coming Up!

Lately, I’ve been working on pieces that will be part of a legacy of my work.  Three items will hopefully be out by the end of this year.  More will follow.

A book that I self-published in 2005, Tarot For Manifestation, will be coming back into circulation, but published and distributed by a company in San Francisco.  It’s a series of five processes using the cards in a way that you set up a path to making specific goals a reality.  Enjoyable and practical.

My artist friend John Condotta and I have been tweaking the images for the Circle Ways tarot deck.  This pack of cards is round, in black and white, and has a very grass-roots feel to it.  Accessible, meaningful pictures will allow you to grasp the core concept of each card easily while being part of a system that I’ve used for decades.  Yet again, folks in the Bay Area will help us out.

A booklet entitled 2011: Year of the Emperor will appear too.  It’ll be a short month-by-month guide to the general concepts and energies prevalent in our world and how you can work in harmony with them in the upcoming year.

When these three pieces are out of the nest, I’ll begin to sit down and write a handbook/workbook/playbook for people who want to become competent tarot consultants.  There’ll be a multi-week (or multi-month, your choice) format to follow and the programme will be cumulative.  If you perform the activities in order, you’ll have an excellent basis for offering tarot sessions that create real change.

It’s all very exciting for me!  I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned thus far, and these publications will allow me to share them with you and many of your friends.  Then, let’s see what else emerges.

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