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Images of My Readees and Me

A couple of days ago, on one of our Gaian Tarot Circle teleseminars, Shari Smith guided us through a process of consciously picking cards to represent how we’d like our querents/readees/clients to feel or be after a tarot session with us.  Then we talked about how each card would respond to ethical questions around third party readings, timing, yes/no questions etc.  We also picked a card to represent ourselves as tarot readers/consultants/practitioners to remember how we’d like to be in session with people.  Mine are


Four of Fire    Nine of Water

FOUR OF FIRE.  The readee is standing firmly in hir personal power.

NINE OF WATER.  The readee is in awe of the Cosmos and of hir part in it.  S/He experiences both “ah” and “aha!”


The Star

SAME CARDS AS ABOVE (4 of Fire and 9 of Water) plus the STAR.

4 of Fire.  I stand firmly in my power with open, welcoming arms.

9 of Water.  I am in awe of the Cosmos and my role in that.  I experience both “ah” and “aha!” moments along with the readee.  I am a safe haven and my arms, again, are open and welcoming.

Star.  I hold the space and time gracefully and with care.  I am a pool of clarity that reflects the readee’s luminosity back to hir.  I kneel humbly before the depth of readee, Cosmos, and self.

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