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For Today Only

The heart and soul of reiki is a set of principles, precepts, or reminders for daily living.  Whether offering or receiving a reiki treatment, meditating, grocery shopping, talking with friends, walking the dog, making lunch, or cleaning out the garage, we’re invited to perform these activities through the lens of these five precepts.

There is a line that prefaces the five principles.  That line is “For today only” or “Just for today”.  Usui-sensei was wise to begin the precepts with this phrase.  It reminds us that whatever our practice is, we need only commit to it for this moment, on this day.  Whether you do yoga, pull a tarot card for the day, journal, work out, pray, or whatever, it can be overwhelming to think that you need to do this thing for the rest of your life!  “For today only” keeps us in the present moment, removes the “eek” factor from how to live out what we believe.  It spaciously allows us to carry out our practice right here, right now.  Not last week, not five years from today, simply now.

Having said that, how incredible to think that a lot of “todays only” add up to a long, deep practice.  But I mustn’t get ahead of myself.  For today only, James.

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Readers Studio Coming Soon

On April 23 through 25, many of us will converge on a hotel in NYC for the Readers Studio, a yearly fabulous conference hosted by the Tarot School (Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone).  I love the learning, the comraderie, the decks, the books, the bags, and the conversations over meals.  And I adore the people who attend this event! 

I hope to see and talk with a lot of you there!  Just so you know, I’ll be offering private tarot consultations for attendees.  If you’d like to pre-book, let me know ASAP.

Tarot on!  (as Janet Berres so often said/says).

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What Is Family?

Yesterday, Steven and I hosted some friends for Easter dinner.  We were joined by Sistah J, Kojey, Dougald, and La Terreur Miniscule and enjoyed New Orleans-style shrimp, rice, and asparagus followed by glazed oranges and Sistah J’s chocolate macaroons.  We used Steven’s mom’s lovely china and silver.  There was good conversation, sharing of problems, many moments of laughter (especially about potential career options for La Terreur), and a sense of family, even though none of us is related by blood.  I’ve come to the conclusion that family is any group that is loving.  I believe that we CAN choose our family, some of them by blood and some of them because they get us and love us for exactly who we are.  We can choose who is in or out of our sphere of influence.  It takes courage to say “no” to some and “yes” to others, but the sense of real community, love, depth, and enjoyment is worth it.  Here’s a short reading about family.

  1. What is family7 of Swords, reversed.  Family is more than what we believe it is.  It’s a process of expanded one-on-one communication rooted in honouring diverse philosophies.
  2. What is family NOT7 of Cups, upright.  A big group of everyone we know or meet. 
  3. How can we create true familyEmperor, reversed.  Be self-empowered beings who stand in our own authority and who honour the inner authority of the other(s).
  4. How should we NOT create familyKing of Wands, reversed.  Give up our self-image, reject our self-concept, relinquish alone time, or step out of our own growth process.

Let’s hear your thoughts, friend.  What’s YOUR experience of family, chosen or otherwise?  What’s your interpretation of the above cards?  If you draw your own cards for the above questions, what do you get?

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Easter Cards

As today is Easter and a glorious Spring day, the themes of resurrection, rebirth, and awakening come to mind.  Forsythia and magnolias are popping out.  Many versions of the 20th Major Arcana card, Judgement, depict what today is about.  Modern tarotists have renamed this card and their ideas reflect my feeling that it’s a good card for this day/season.  “Resurrection” from the Tarot of the Spirit is the most obvious one.  “Awakening” from the Shining Tribe deck is another obvious image.  And “Awakening” from the Gaian Tarot shows these themes beautifully.  In these cards, people are rising from one state into another, experiencing a spiritual rite of passage, celebrating the best self that they are becoming, responding consciously to their greater calling.  I plan to keep these cards on my altar for a few days to really take in these images and concepts.

Which card(s) speaks to YOU of resurrection, rebirth, following your calling, and awakening?

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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