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New Circle Book Arrived!

Yesterday, a helpful fellow at one of the local bookstores called to say that my copy of The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair had arrived.  This is the freshest offering from Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, co-founders of PeerSpirit circle methodology and two people I admire very much.  The Circle Way is a reference  to create circle-rooted gatherings in many settings — corporate, spiritual, community, small business, family, not-for-profit, and more.  It’s time to take the circle off the “new-age” shelf and get it into as many sections of the bookstore as possible.  We need this mode of being together everywhere.  Where can YOU plant the seeds of circle?

I recently took myself through a brief process from another circle book, The Circle Gathering Guide by Nuccia Morelli, in order to gain more personal clarity about a group that I attend and help to host/facilitate.  The process brought me to a point where I decided to carry out some agreements I drafted, even if others didn’t quite get them yet.  How heartening to be validated on page 33 of Christina and Ann’s book today and to read about how simply holding the agreements, practices, and principles of circle on one’s own — even without conscious knowledge by the others in the gathering — makes a difference.  It makes the others curious about what’s working for that one person in the group.  Then the deepening into circle process, agreements, etc. can happen with more (even all) on board.

I’m thrilled that this new text is finally out.  Congratulations to Ann and Christina for floating this marvellous text out into the world!

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Such a delicious day today.  I only need a tee shirt and light jacket.  The sun is so glorious, the woodpeckers are happily tapping nearby, and fuzzy sage-like buds are quivering on the magnolia trees.  Earth is coming back to life here in Southern Ontario.

I’ll be celebrating the Vernal Equinox in great tarotistic style.  On Saturday, March 20, four colleagues and I will offer workshops, a panel discussion, and prizes at an all-day tarot symposium right here in Toronto.  There’s still some room, so please register with me and join us for a fun and enlightening day of tarot learning and practice, regardless of how much or how little tarot background you have.  Topics include ethics for tarot reading, using hidden cards for richer insight, tarot as compassion-building tool, dialoguing with the more-than-human community with tarot, and gaining a hands-on deeper understanding of the court cards.

Today makes me think of the Ace of Wands in the Motherpeace Tarot: a baby bursts forth from a robin’s blue egg in a great flash of flame.  New life, new self, a sense of “awake and alive at last”!  What card comes to mind for YOU this joyful Spring day?

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Gold Medal Energy

I’m not generally a sports fan; however, even I was thrilled by yesterday’s win by the Canadian Olympic men’s hockey team.  The excitement whooshed like a wave across Canada.  Downtown Toronto’s streets were filled to capacity with happy revellers waving maple leaf-emblazoned flags, honking horns, cheering, and high-fiving and hugging one another.  There were more Canadian flags in people’s hands, on people’s backs, hanging out of cars, and dangling out of windows than I’ve ever seen, even on Canada Day.  The gold medal energy was happy-making and that happiness was good to witness.  I thought to myself, “An entire nation in a state of celebration must be a good influence on the Earth and all her inhabitants.”  So, when I got home, I pulled a card from the Motherpeace Tarot, then another one to extend what I learned from the first.  Here’s the short reading I got:

  1. What positive energy or way of being has been generated by today’s Olympic eventsMoon, reversed.  A connection to our own wise inner selves that’s so deep and personal that it allows each of us to wade deeper into the guidance of the collective soul.
  2. How can we consciously maintain this connection and deep wading4 of Wands, upright.  Express our true selves out in the world and celebrate this authenticity in sacred play and joyous ritual.


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