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Entertain Possibility

Last night, I reread bits and bobs of Caroline Casey’s splendid astrology book, Making the Gods Work for You.  The phrase that keeps running through my grey cells is “Believe nothing, entertain possibility.”  How wonderful!  Any symbolic system — tarot, dream, astrology, runes, whatever — does not ask for our belief.  They’re NOT creeds!  There’s no “holy apostolic succession of symbol” whose party line we’re required to tow.  They DO invite us to entertain the possibility that we can have a relationship with the Infinite Mystery.  They DO help us wonder what might be possible if we try them.  They DO carry the possibility to open our imagination.  I’m really not into belief these days.  For me, faith doesn’t move mountains, choice and action do.  When people ask if I really believe in tarot, I respond, “No, I simply use it.”  Upon reflection, “believe nothing” can mean just that: trust what Nothing has to say.  Nothing is the only reliable source of wisdom.  What if we entertained the idea that No-Thing-Ness is trustworthy?  Hmm…

Here’s a brief reading, using the Tarot of the Crone:

  1. What is belief?     Three of Disks, upright.     Belief is the promise of something tangible that could companion us on our journeys.
  2. What is nothing?     Nine of Swords, reversed.     Nothing is an inner suspension of belief.  Nothing is all philosophies integrated into one.
  3. What is possibility?     Three of Cups, upright.     Possibility is a series of emotional and imaginal layers that prepares us to relate to life.  Possibility is dreaming with our eyes open.
  4. How can we best entertain possibility?     World, upright.     Be open to multiple options.  Travel the world.  See the many in the one and the one in the many.  Choose consciously.

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