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Still at Lakeside Retreats after teaching Level Two Reiki this past weekend.  Bev and I employed our time constructively today by planning our circle practicum that will take place October 23 to 25 this autumn.  We figured out what teachings and activities will go into which sections of the workshop and what handouts we’ll need for each section.  We also divided up the tasks of who will introduce which piece of the experience and who will create certain handouts that don’t yet exist.  It feels good to have that stage of the work done. 

Circle methodology can be applied in so many settings: professional offices, spiritual communities, families, worship centres, neighbourhoods, healing/therapy groups, collective households, intimate relationships, conferences, and many more.

To experience the depth and flexibility of this great work at Lakeside Retreats in October, please register with us ASAP.  We’ll send you a questionnaire to help us get to know you better and to help us shape the practicum so it’s even more relevant to your situation.  We’ll also get to know your dietary needs, if any, to convey to the caterer who will provide two lunches and one dinner.  Your early registration will also help Bev and me gauge how many folders of handouts to create.  Only $360 Canadian, so please consider it.  There are only six spots left.

My (James Wells’) contact info is (416) 966 – 2685 or evolutionary_tarot@yahoo.ca

Bev’s contact info is (905) 563 – 8520 or b__haskins842@sympatico.ca

Your circle practicum time will be enriched by reading Calling the Circle: The First and Future Culture by Christina Baldwin, available on Amazon, before you attend the event.

Let me offer you this quote by Jane Howard:

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

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This Group’s Energy

Today marked the final day of a Level Two Reiki class I facilitated at Lakeside Retreats in Beamsville, ON.  Half-way through the day, I drew a card from the Tarot of the Spirit and passed it around the group.  We were looking/listening for clues from the card to respond to the question, “What energy unites us that we’ll take into the world after our time together?”  We got the 6 of Earth, upright

Here’s a synopsis of what was said:

  • Reliable healing that brings beauty to our world.
  • The energy of smoothing and expansion.
  • A taming and changing of whatever is thrown at us and at the earth.
  • Healing of the physical body through a very real connection to energy.
  • Feeling at home in Nature.
  • A return to what’s real.

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This week, I’m enjoying the Tarot of the Spirit, by Pamela and Joyce Eakins, a mother-daughter team.  The juicy swirling images and the well-organised system to the structure of the deck make for a satisfying and highly readable pack of cards.  Many times, my friend Renato comes over and asks if he can look at the Tarot of the Spirit.  Last time, I said, “Just buy one already.”  There’s a Qabalistic twist to it, if one wants to go there, but it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly esoteric.  There’s an astrological twist too which can add layers of meaning when desired.  The large accompanying book is very readable and intelligently written, a blend of deep knowledge and the wisdom of story.  There’s an emphasis on personal evolution — lovely!

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