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Try this. 

Divide your tarot deck into five sections — majors, wands, cups, swords, and pentacles (or their equivalents in your pack).

Think about a topic or area of life about which you’re curious.  Write it down.  Depending on your topic, pick a card from the appropriate face-down card pile.  E.g. if it’s about BIG life lessons, choose from the Majors.  If about self-discovery, self-expression, independence, etc., choose from the Wands stack.  If your inquiry is about feelings, relating, intuition, etc., pick a card from the Cups.  If you’re curious about ideas, communication, networking, education, etc., pick a Sword.  And if you want to know about something tangible, physical, or material, pluck a Pentacle.

Look at your card.  What symbols, colours, characters, shapes, activities, and so forth grab your attention?  Let each one suggest an open-ended question about your topic of inquiry.  Write down these questions.  Number them in an order that makes sense to you.

Draw a diagram, using little rectangles or circles (depending on the shape of your deck), creating a shape that’s pleasing to you or appropriate to your topic.  Number each little rectangle or circle according to your numbered questions.  Ta-da!  You’ve just created a spread/layout to explore what you’re curious about.

This gets better!  Imagine that your self-created layout is superimposed on the single card you chose.  Notice what symbol is at the place where the first question position would be on your card.  What response to your first question does it offer?  Do the same with each of your questions, imagining each spread position in its correponding region of the card image.  Let the symbol(s) in each answer your questions.  How great is THAT?! 

Terrific if you really want to learn about a specific card.  Also good if you have a small surface on which to lay out your tarot reading. 

I’d love for all of you to try this and to give me some feedback about it.  Thanks in advance!

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Masks of Tarot

Yesterday, my copy of Scott Grossberg’s The Masks of Tarot  arrived in the mail, a birthday gift from Steven.  It’s a fascinating book, valuable to those who prefer to use tarot in a way that promotes insight rather than prediction.  Employing only the Major Arcana, Grossberg offers a way of thinking about each card that opens the doors to four parts of one’s personality — Mask, Beast, Light, and Shadow.  I’ve only just started, but can see applications already.  I  like that Grossberg has the readee select cards from the face-up Majors — choice-centredness incarnate!  The author offers his own ideas about each Trump AND encourages the reader to employ hir own interpretations and what might emerge from them as one applies them to the four parts of the personality.  There’s a dandy layout near the back of the text that would be helpful for self-exploration.  Many charts and explanations make life easier for the reader.  Do get a copy!

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Entering Strength

Today is my 42nd birthday.  Happy birthday to me!  The year I’m entering (as of 10:25 tonight) corresponds to the Strength card.  Indeed I feel strong, loved, loving, and in tune with natural forces today.  The Hebrew letter connected with this card is Teth, meaning snake/serpent.  The snake is a powerful healing image for me.  The astrological correspondence is Leo.  My creativity, sense of fun, and ability to be centre stage is more present.  I call upon all good forces, people, and beings in the cosmos to support my year of Strength.  It is so!

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Journal Power!

You all know that the tarot has been a strong ally, friend, and therapeutic tool for me for many years.  So has my personal journal.  There’s no better listener than the page.  There’s no better creative workshop than pen and notebook.  There’s no better dreamwork session than the one on paper.  And when I combine tarot and journal, life blows open and there I am, unabashedly myself, for myself to witness.  Whether I’m ranting, rejoicing, planning, procrastinating, enthusiastic, apathetic, in high creative mode, or just need something to do, the journal is a place I can return to again and again.  It satisfies a human need for personal narrative.  It’s a repository of story.  And story is a powerful healing encounter.  To tell our story and not be judged is a revelation that says, “It’s okay to be who you are.  You’re perfect as you are, here and now, whether at your best or at your worst.  This is safe space, so open up and speak.”  I’ve witnessed this same energy in council circles when people have spoken things about their lives that would horrify or bore many people.  Yet the conditions of the circle include compassionate, curious presence with the story and the teller, so there are no unsavoury repercussions for the one who has told the tale.  To write, or draw, or colour in a journal is to hold council with self, to be in circle with soul, to encounter self-revelation with love. 


This Thursday, June 4, I begin my monthly journal writing circle for any and all who would like to join me in my space for such a purpose.  Through activities and helpful prompts, I’ll help you to start relating to self and world on the page.  Only $10 for an evening.

Let’s hear some interesting journalling stories.

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The Gift of People

This has been a weekend of connecting with people, some of whom I already knew and some who were new to me.  Friday’s strategising circle had a mix of both.  Yesterday’s wonderful group of ten folks was new to me and we had a good time talking about the tarot and doing some activities with the cards.  There were 11 of us at today’s reiki share and we had a lovely time meditating together, talking about the five precepts of reiki, and offering one another energy treatments.  Two out of the three events involved pot-luck meals — yummo!  People often ask me what the best thing about my work is.  I usually reply that it’s the people I meet.  Such a gift to get to know men and women who are walking Life’s mystery and figuring out their place in it.  Thank you to all of you!

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