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Evolutionary Tarot On the Air

On Tuesday evening, I was a guest on Living on Purpose, a show hosted by the wonderful Lynn Thompson on the West Coast.  To here us chat about Evolutionary Tarot, including a couple of brief sample readings, please click on this link:


Feel free to pass on the link to your friends!  The flute music on the show is provided by my friend (and Lynn’s brother) Jamie Thompson of Urban Flute fame.

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Feels Like Spring!

A gorgeous day here in my neck of Toronto.  I went for an hour-long walk around my neighbourhood.  Yards and trees are gradually coming to life, Craigleigh Gardens and Chorley Park are alive with people walking themselves or their doggies, and the lawn at the corner of Glen Road and Elm Avenue is blue with tiny flowers.  Truly a Judgement/Aeon card kind of day.  Resurrection, awakening, and freedom abound in my fair city.  Aahh…

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Holy Week and Tarot

In the christian calendar, Holy Week is on.  The whole notion of betrayal, death, tomb, resurrection, and liberation will be played out in many ways in many places around the world.  It’s also played out in the tarot, especially in the last seven cards of the Major Arcana.  From the deep, shadowy, tomb-like realms of the Devil card to the cosmic dance of wholeness in the World card, we can see a similar progression.  The story of birth, life, death, and rebirth can be found in many myths and rituals around the world.  It’s ingrained in the human psyche.  Tarot comes from the human psyche, so no wonder this universal myth is depicted so well.  For christians, this week’s story brings hope; for me, the tarot brings hope.  If we work our lives well, both suggest that we’ll reach some form of wholeness.  Blessed be.

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Journeying, Dream, and Tarot

Yesterday, I attended a shamanic journeying circle hosted by my friend Jeannette.  One of the journeys began with us each picking a card from the Sacred Circle Tarot and reflecting on it as something to take into the journey with us.  Jeannette’s card was the equivalent of the Justice card, depicting a large spider and its web.  Early in the morning, I had a dream about Starhawk teaching us a chant that went: “Weave and spin, weave and spin; this is how the work begins.”  Grandmother Spider and the Dreamweavers are certainly inviting us ALL to remember the interconnectedness of all of life and to base our work in the world on that sacred weaving.  My own card, Knight of Discs, looked to me like a man defending the lands behind him and he looks a lot like Alastair McIntosh whose book, Soil and Soul, I’m currently reading.  We’re reminded that we’re indigenous, meaning “of a place” or “belonging to a place”, and that it’s good to defend that piece of the earth by obversving it, loving it, standing up for it.  What weaving might need to take place for this to occur?  I love it when Life conspires like this!

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