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Back from Daré Retreat

A small group of us who plan, host, and hold sacred space for our spiritual community, Daré, spent the weekend on 10 acres of lovely land near Orangeville, ON to reconnect with one another and to hold council around a vision for the next year or so for the larger group.  Moments of circle-based conversation and diving into deep realms through ritual were balanced with meals, laughter, and the odd glass of wine.  Walks in the snowy fields were counterpointed with songs in front of the fireplace.  Oracular tools such as I Ching and tarot enhanced the insights.  Authentic communication took place between us, and I feel that this energy will spill over life-givingly into the larger Daré.  Thank you, dear fellow hosts/conveners, for an enriching weekend.  Thank you, Life.  Blessed Be.

The day before I left for the retreat, my copy of the Transparent Tarot arrived.  Yum!  More about it later.

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Want to enjoy a tarot-ific Summer Solstice?  Then be in Toronto on June 20 and 21 for a weekend of tarot with Mary K. Greer, author, tarot consultant, teacher, and priestess.  There’ll be an all-day (9:30 to 4:00) workshop on Saturday and a half-day (10:00 to 1:00) workshop on Sunday.  Mary will also be available for private tarot consultations on Sunday and Monday.  Stay tuned for more details so that you can sign up ASAP.  How great is THIS?!

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Waiting for Transparent Tarot

My partner Steven ordered a copy of Emily Carding’s Transparent Tarot for me as a Christmas/Solstice gift.  Still not here, so I wait with trembling breath and twitchy fingers.  The Transparent Tarot feels like a new evolutionary step in the practice of tarot.  I already have some ideas about how I can use this innovative pack of cards:

  • After discussing each Birth Card individually, we can stack one atop the other to discover their integrated message.
  • By placing one’s Year Card onto the Birth Cards, one can gain insight about how the life lessons, challenges, and gifts might express themselves in the guise of the year’s energies.
  • Couples counselling.  Place their Birth Cards  and Year Cards on top of one another (now, now…stop those naughty thoughts, my dears).  Do the same layout for each person so each can receive insights into their piece of the relationship, then superimpose one spread on the other for the story of the relationship itself.  Note:  This could be done not only for intimate romantic partners, but also for sex buddies, co-workers, parent-child relationships, client-practitioner relationships, friends, and more.
  • Stack all cards from a tarot layout on top of one another.  Use the resulting image to summarise the session.
  • Find your favourite card in the deck.  Describe its positive/evolved qualities.  What do these say about you?  Find your least favourite card in the deck.  Describe its challenging/unevolved qualities.  What do these say about you?  Now place one atop the other.  Describe as many of its qualities as possible.  What do these tell you about the integration of your more and less evolved qualities?

I’m sure that more applications will arise for me when the actual tarot pack arrives in the post.  Stay tuned!

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