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Why “Evolutionary”?

People sometimes ask me why I refer to the work and exploration I do with the tarot cards as evolutionary tarot.  I call it that because:

a)  it assists us to evolve into our best, most conscious selves, and

b)  it connects our own stories with larger cosmic stories so that our personal evolution can contribute in some way to the betterment of all of existence.

Deena Metzger said something to us during our retreat last week that, while funny on one level, is profoundly true on another:  The time of the luxury of personal neuroses is over.  In other words, there are matters more pressing than if someone will get laid or get paid, or how sad I am that someone called me a bad name 35 years ago.  Our work on self needs to include all the beings, the planet, the cosmos.  Hence, evolutionary tarot.

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