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Packed my bags last night at home.  After sessions with two lovely tarot clients this morning, I took a bus from Toronto to Lakeside Retreats in Beamsville.  Packed Bev’s car with items needed for the upcoming PeerSpirit circle practicum.  We’ll arrive at Canterbury Hills Conference Centre tomorrow morning, set up, meet with Ann and Christina, then greet the participants as they arrive.  It promises to be a deep and enjoyable few days of being in community, learning, and being in a state of council mind. 

I did a casting of the I Ching earlier this evening about what I most need to know as I enter this circle practicum.  Hexagram # 25 is called DisentanglingIt reminds me to disentangle myself from attachment to specifics; to allow for spontaneous, unplanned moments; to restore and maintain a state of neutrality in order to deal with the unexpected in a centred manner; and to engage in the rituals and practices of circle in order to “exorcise” or purify myself of projection, shadow stuff, and the like.  Very interesting, considering that one of the sessions will be about working through shadow and projection in group settings.

In what ideas, feelings, or behaviours are you entangled?  How might you extricate yourself from them?

To what surprises have you needed to surrender?  What did this teach you about life?

What past trauma needs to be “exorcised” from your life and being?  What’s your first step to doing so?

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Lovely weekend and some prep

This Thanksgiving weekend was scrumptious!  The weather was beautiful, a friend from London, ON stayed with us, I enjoyed Jeannette’s Becoming the Medicine circle, had lunch and a roam about the Danforth with sweet friends, and Thanksgiving dinner at Buffy’s house.  Today, I’m putting finishing touches on music for Vespers of the Black Madonna.  Our first rehearsal takes place this evening.  The event itself will be on the 24th.  Can’t wait.  And only three more days until a group of us will be starting the circle practicum in
Ancaster with Christina and Ann.  Does a week get any better?  Thank you, Life!

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Tarot and Other Modalities

At last night’s monthly tarot gathering we explored some correspondences between tarot, astrology, I Ching, and runes.  We began by doing short, three-card readings for partners.  Then I handed everyone a booklet I created based on researching several books so they could find deeper or different layers of meaning in the cards they drew.  Common threads were found and richer stories were woven as a result.  It was enjoyable too!  Here’s a one-card example of my own.

My question:  Whom am I called to serve at this time through tarot, reiki, journalling, and circle?

The card:  TEMPERANCE, reversedInner healing and creativity.  Bringing parts of self together.  Spiritual and psychological healing, wholeness, and creativity.

Astrological correspondence:  SAGITTARIUSThe Truth.  The Big Picture.  A map of the territory.

Runic correspondence (according to Peter D. Cowen):  SOWELO  .  The Life Force.  Wholeness.

I Ching Correspondence (according to Akron & Hajo Banzhaf):  HEXAGRAM # 15 (Humbling / The Grey One)Balance.  Humility.  The process of activating liminal processes.

Gathering all of this information together, I can say that:

  1. I’m called to serve Greater Wholeness.
  2. I’m called to serve my own journey to spiritual and psychological wholeness, the Life Force, and the process of humbly activating my own liminal processes in a balanced manner.
  3. I’m called to serve all beings who seek spiritual and psychological wholeness through maps of Life’s Big Picture, humbly employing those maps in conjunction with the Life Force to activate their liminal processes in a balanced manner.

I love it when all of these signs come together in a meaningful way!

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Why “Evolutionary”?

People sometimes ask me why I refer to the work and exploration I do with the tarot cards as evolutionary tarot.  I call it that because:

a)  it assists us to evolve into our best, most conscious selves, and

b)  it connects our own stories with larger cosmic stories so that our personal evolution can contribute in some way to the betterment of all of existence.

Deena Metzger said something to us during our retreat last week that, while funny on one level, is profoundly true on another:  The time of the luxury of personal neuroses is over.  In other words, there are matters more pressing than if someone will get laid or get paid, or how sad I am that someone called me a bad name 35 years ago.  Our work on self needs to include all the beings, the planet, the cosmos.  Hence, evolutionary tarot.

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