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May 1, Beltane or May Day, like Samhain or Halloween, is a time when the veil between worlds is thin.  In October, the spirits of those who have died want to get close to us.  In May, it’s the spirits of the yet unborn who want our attention.  This reminds me that our decisions could take into consideration the wisdom of our ancestors and the wellbeing of our descendants. 

Beltane also celebrates fertility, sexuality, and passion.  I really love the body, touch, sensual moments of delight.  What is my unrelenting passion right now?  How do I feel about my body?  How can “skin hunger” be satisfied?  Since I will never sire children, what other fertile legacy might I leave here on the planet?

I’m still basking in the glow of the Readers Studio, but the post-event letdown is setting in a little bit.  It’s natural to mourn what is no longer, but I must remember to remain in the NOW.  Now is all there is.

Time to go dance around a maypole or two (or three!).  Blessed Beltane, everyone.

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