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To interpret the Minor Arcana (the four sets of suit cards), it really helps me to have a system in place that combines a card’s suit, its value (number or court/person), and its orientation (upright or reversed). This gives me something concrete to fall back on, reflect on, and draw upon when interpreting a card for myself or a client. For example, I can muse to myself, “This is the Page of Cups, reversed. Reversed Cups can be about intuition, inner feelings, addiction, codependency, or my relationship with Spirit or self. Pages are about risk-taking, recommitting, going out on a limb, diving right in, or daring. So, this could be about taking intuitive risks, recommitting to a codendent relationship, going out on a limb in my relationship with Infinite Mystery, or diving into my innermost feelings.” Then, I simply look at the topic and question or spread position in order to help me narrow down the possibilities of meaning. I can think to myself, “OK, the topic is about my tarot practice and the spread position is ‘What’s the best thing I can do this month with regard to my tarot practice?’ So the most likely interpretation of the Page of Cups reversed in this context is ‘Take greater intuitive risks and/or dive into unorthodox hunches when reading the cards.” So the formula is Suit + Value + Orientation + Topic + Question/Position = Interpretation.

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